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2013 January ? Ensenada Maxico Missionary trip

A Mission Home with Outreach – Operational Experience

On the weekend of January 11-13, 2013, we had an opportunity to visit Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico with 6 other missionaries from Impact-195, an evangelical outreach ministry affiliated with the Rock Church in San Diego. We have a very good friend (Joseph Vu) who is active there, who invited us. It was a last minute confirmation from us on our attendance, and we were able to take a dozen bags of cloths with us, donated by Horizon Christian Fellowship North Campus, our own church body. What a blessed weekend, visiting and working with 3 different local ‘church’ needs in this city, and hosted by a wonderful Mission home. 

We spent two nights at Victory Church International’s mission house, hosted by Doug McGeachie & his wife Aileen. They are an outreach group, headquartered in London Canada, that plants churches around the world. Doug & Aileen have been down in Ensenada a year and we met three of their primary outreach partners our first night: Israel, Juan & Jesus. Doug tells a funny story how each of them came to him in ‘biblical order’ and have been instrumental to much of Victory’s outreach in the area. 

We had a very active Saturday, visiting two of their supported church plantings (hosted by Jesus and Israel respectively), and spending the evening repacking the Horizon clothing for a longer drive visit up in the interior on Sunday. Sunday was a very special blessing where Juan joined us.

We were truly blessed by the sharing, prayer, fellowship, love, support and care that we were able to receive as well as give. For LAMA, this was an excellent trip to get an advanced view of how a mission home operates most efficiently, making also new contacts that would utilize our own mission home efforts being built in Peru. Further I feel that this trip might help to renew our own local church’s efforts and love for Ensenada outreach which has been stopped for awhile due to many of the border issues. Thank you Lord for putting this opportunity in our path.

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