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Jean Steven Medina Flores

I am honored that God considers me worthy of his calling and ministry, giving me the opportunity to join a new team at the missionary base here in Ica-Peru of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and the Latin American Missions Association (LAMA). in order to continue spreading the Gospel. My interest is to share the truth about the gospel with young people and adolescents.   I have been ‘around’ this mission and its people for almost a dozen years, since I was living in the same village that it is located.  I have been drawn to all the activities, the prayers, the people, the worship, the teaching and preaching.  From this experience, and after I completed my regular schooling and graduated, I wanted to become a missionary as well.

During the 5 months I was at the Discipleship Training School (DTS) I learned to know God and to preach the gospel, I also learned that the objective of a missionary is to adapt to the needs, customs, traditions of the people we want to reach.  This is so that when we are evangelizing, the person feels comfortable and feels confident to listen to us.   I have grown so much in my walk these last few years, I am so ‘in awe’ of how God works, and so grateful that He worked on me, and that I may play an important role in others finding God as well.

I currently live at the YWAM Ica base, in which I am supporting as a missionary and staff in the different ministries that work here, such as: ministry of children, adolescents and youth, socia media coordination, cooking and more.  I am also supporting as a drama and choreography teacher.  Since I love to cook (and the mission seems to love letting me!) I would also like to go to a culinary school in the city of Ica, part time for about 5 years, to learn an actual trade which I love.  For this I have calculated that I will be needing $600 dollars a month, which will cover:  Transportation, university tuition, food, room rent among other things that I will need.

I am so enamered at what God has been doing with me these past few years.  I am glad that my personal testimony, which I am being told, is being well received by other youth in the local villages as well as throughout Peru and Brazil where our recent outreach took us.  I really had no idea that God would work on me so quickly and that He would make Himself so evident in my life and what He expected from me.  There are no words to express how this walk has affected me and, hopefully, will continue to show fruit so that I can continue to be used by God to affect others.  Thank you Lord for your patience in me.

If you have read this far, I am also grateful for your doing so.  I pray that my walk will continue to grow with our Saviour as I plan to continue to read His Word daily, pray, and be available for His call in the mission that He has put on me.  Thank you for your prayer, support and please share this with others.

In Jesus name,

Jean Steven Medina Flores

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