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Homes of Hope Focused project

Size: 37 square meters, ~411 square feet

“Mama Kelly’s Home” Giovana & Kelly home project"

As of 2020, we have had two major home rebuild projects behind us and are currently looking at our third. The Homes of Hope webpage shows both those prior project as well as others that we are in consideration on. One of these projects have just been reprioritized.

Please check the few pictures that are on the above link labeled’ “Mama Kelly’s Home”. Also, we have included many pictures with this writeup. Giovana (Kelly’s mom) and her husband live in a very crowded and very damaged home with three sons (Luis, Carlos, Favio), a nephew (Jen), a daughter Kelly (oldest) who recently moved out to her boyfriend and who now has a baby.

All of the boys, including their older sister Kelly, have been very active in the Mission, Kelly especially being a strong helper and volunteer. Kelly recently got pregnant with her boyfriend however, and has a baby boy now, also named Luis.  Kelly has been in touch with us at the mission about her living situation with child at her boyfriend’s parents or relatives house has not been ideal. She has been asking if our wooden casita was available (it’s used for storage), wanting to put one on the roof of the home they are living in.

We have been looking at Kelly’s mothers house as a major project to undertake for years, so we are looking further and re-prioritizing because of Kelly’s situation. There is not a lot of desire for us to purchase or build something for a young man we know little about on the roof of his relatives house in a far away village. We feel that solving Kelly’s housing needs back at her mothers, is a better way to attack this problem, and helping her mom at the same time.

Kelly’s mom’s house has a lot of issues, mainly in the overcrowded area (8+baby people) as well as lack of a clear kitchen and a terrible bathroom situation. There is sewer, water and electric, so that is a start. Our desire is to build in the back of the property, where the sewer plumbing is located, a structure that would make the bathroom much more usable, give them a shower, a water tank on the roof so they have more than 1 hour of water per day, as well as a small kitchen and a pair of bedrooms, one for Kelly and her common law husband, the other as baby room or optional bedroom for some of the brothers.

If you would want to help us with this project, please drop us an email message.  We will tell you the overall cost of labor, material, would share with you how you or your group might be engaged to do this project.  We would love to discuss.

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