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 Sheikh Family, From India to Peru

The Sheikh family – A pastoral couple and family, seeking to serve at la Misión, Ica, Perú

Pastor –Sheikh Abdul
Wife- Sheikh Lydia
Son- Sheikh Livus
Daughter – Sheikh Emi


NAME OF THE CHURCH:   Cornerstone

Address:  plot no -110, A-Bloak, The homes, Ayodhya bypass,Bhopal State-Madhya Pradesh.            Mobile No -8871635485, 7898291114 Gmail –

Introduction:  Cornerstone is  comprised of a diverse progressive family oriented congregation functions as independently, Registered under  World Wealth Welfare Society. As a church we feel burden passionate about preaching the love of Christ to people be all they can bOur local community a unity of 21 Families is known as a body of Christ who’s is engaged with service in the love in various aspects.

Cornerstone foundation:

  A Thirteen Year old young Muslim named Sheikh Abdul accepted Jesus through the South Korean Missionary in State Orissa. During 1997 and later he was ex-communicated from his family for the cause of Christ. The God who called him started opening door in his so that he may nourished and grounded in his word and experience that Jesus is real true only God who gives life.  Few year after in 2004 he imparted his experience and knowledge of the word of God to central India theological Seminary Itarsi (M.P) India. In 2011 summer ..0      God talked him to preach the Gospel in the city of Bhopal where the city held with Muslim majority. Immediately resigned the seminar started processing Gospel in the city God showed him. Later there later became Cornerstone.

Church Statement:

Having being led by God to accept Jesus Christ our savior we the  Cornerstone believe that we are called into a loving and caring community to glorify God and to reflect the life of Christ in our lives We are as Church Committed to Spiritual and personal growth through the Biblical Truth.

Our Church Life:

Looking at each of the members on our church board shows that while we are a relatively small and independent fellowship, we are very active and productive.

Ministry Activities:

Music has been a strong for way for to preach the Gospel for Cornerstone. Our present of Music has been always opening doors to reach the youth and all age is group since 2015.

Present Focus and Requirements:

  1. Reaching Youth and children media looking for opportunities open doors to witness Gospel concert.
  2. Building open door youth Program.
  3. Community outreach Gospel Media.
  4. Family activities
  5. Strengthening in the Gospel Outreach Musical Event.

Desires to go to the Mission Field:

‘All the easy places are taken.’ This axiom of modern missions quickly sums up where remaining missions work needs to be done. There is a reason the unreached and unengaged people groups still do not have access to the Good News.

These people groups who do not know of Jesus are typically in areas where the church is not preach the salvation Gospel.  Unreached are in often in the middle of deserts, hidden in , lost in urban slums, living a nomadic lifestyle, or living on small area.  Reaching them will not be easy for a variety of reasons: dangerous roads, or extreme weather.

Many Christians are risk adverse and are not willing to go to these people. It may also be true that other Christians are perhaps foolhardy. It became clear that people that trying to reach there was widespread disagreement among Christians about this burden.

Many condemned and a few disagree to fulfill the great commission.

Peru needs different streams of focus:

community evangelisation, and children’s evangelisation, adopting special projects and targeting un-reached groups.

Peru needs to promote a reading culture, providing Christian literature in a variety of subjects to meet the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the local community.

Peru needs at least informal education to train those willing to serve locally and overseas, and to equip the churches who are willing to stand behind them. Church needs to developed in knowledge of Cross Cultural Communication and Missions, as well as a variety of curriculums for workshops to equip and train the national church.

Church has to learn to bring hope to prisoners, high risk children, orphans, needy communities; providing crisis prevention, education and distributing goods.  May God always be glorified with our lives and service!


Lydia and I got married on July 26, 2007 after our graduation, her Masters of Divinity and after my own Masters of Theology.We were at Central India Theological seminary for eight years as a Theological professor. During our seminar life God had directed both of us toward service for him to unreached. During that time God gave us opportunities to serve in a local English and Hindi speaking church. God has blessed us with a son and a daughter, and we were enjoy serving the Lord in India.

My marriage was a cross-culture.  My wife Lydia was indian pandit and me Sheikh Abdul from Muslim Community.  Unexpectedly we happened to connect with respected William (la Misión, Ica, Peru).
We starting knowing his passion and dedication and the way he has been available to the unreached .
We felt burden for Peru acknowledging I am the right person.

We press towards to upgrade ourself to learn the local language in order to serve the Lord in Peru.  My Children in the age of 7 and 13 so for them language will not be difficult.  .  

We thank God for so clearly direction in our steps over the years and the years to come.

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