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Donate For A Good Cause

Your contribution can make a significant impact on our mission to bring positive change to the world. By donating to our cause, you become an integral part of our efforts to create a brighter future for those in need. Whether it’s providing essential resources, supporting a humanitarian project, or funding life-changing initiatives, your generosity can transform lives and communities.

General Fund

General funds play a crucial role in supporting essential public services and programs, and their proper management is fundamental to maintaining the financial health and sustainability of government operations. The primary objective of the general fund is to cover day-to-day operating expenses.

Missionary Fund

The primary purpose of a missionary fund is to provide financial support to individuals or groups engaged in missionary activities. This may include funding for travel expenses, living allowances, education, healthcare, and other necessities required to carry out their mission work effectively.

Food Bank

A food bank is a facility that collects, stores, and distributes food to individuals and families in need. The main goal of a food bank is to address food insecurity and alleviate hunger within a community. Once collected, the food is sorted and inspected to ensure quality and safety standards are met. 

School / Escuela

Please use this link if paying school costs for yourself or another student.  Also leave us a seperate email when  you do so.  Welcome to JUCUM Ica, U of N campus. 

Thank You for Supporting Us

We’ve helped over 200 vulnerable communities

We are a 501(C)3 US organization, so every dollar is tax deductible. Also, every dollar goes only toward the outreach, building, and resources for the mission and the people we are here to help.

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