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LAMA Ministry? Financial Summary

Financial Statements



Deductible Support

Your tax deductible support is greatly appreciated and can help ensure the success of our mission. Thank You!  Every dollar you donate goes 100% to the operation of the mission or supplying needed items for the mission, or to teaching, working with, clothing or feeding the needy!  None of your donated funds go to salaries, travel, overhead, volunteers.  We also have often been able to find matching gifts for every dollar that is raised so your $10 becomes $20!!

Know that most staffing and missionaries are self funded.  The founders and acting board of LAMA are all volunteers. No donations go toward their salaries, travel or living expenses of missionaries, volunteers or board members, unless specifically directed as such.  All undirected donations will be targeted 100% to the mission function, the people of need, the children, and the facilities to provide.  We will offer fund raising targeted to specific individuals on occasion, and be assured that if you are sending funds to assist a missionary, you are fulfilling the great commission just as if you were here yourself. 

Mercy Ministries for families of need

Please help us change lives in this earthquake area of Peru!

501c Organization

We are nearing the end of a large capital outlay for completing this mission and getting debt free as soon as possible is a important goal, in light of the work this project is structured to do.  Please consider using the donate button below (use ‘note’ field for any special instructions on gift).

We are a full 501c organization. Tax receipts available upon request. Our finances are in the public domain. We have been publishing our ‘donation/expense thermometers’ (below) for the last 5 years of construction outlays at the mission. LAMA is now a Guidestar Platinum Participant as well, giving even more disclosure as to our operation and cash flow.

[*some of you are giving toward the support of specific volunteers, and doing so through us.  We are so grateful for those gifts and they are given 100% to the intended individual. Our point here is that this is by specific relationship and not what the general funding is used for.]

May God bless you for all that you are able to give!

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