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Augusto Cavero Moscaiza

Augusto Cavero

Hello everyone, I am Augusto Alexander Cavero Moscaiza. 

Since I was little, my parents and family instilled and guided me in the Christian life, giving me the opportunity to know God and follow his will. Many of those early years (2014-2016) were at LAMA la Misión, Ica, Perú.  For years the Lord has surprised me with the works of his will, thus training me in various trials and complicated moments but always accompanying me and teaching me more about him and his purpose with me.  Thanks to Him I already know what my calling and purpose is.  To that end I returned to LAMA la Misión to be baptised in 2022.  

Now I want to strengthen my relationship with Him and follow his will by learning more about him and taking his message to the places he allows me, and For that I would like to join the DTS (Discipleship Training School).  For this I need financial support to be able to pay for accommodation, food and studies, I want to dedicate my life to the work and will of God and to be able to help the people who need, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be his son and putting people in place to instruct and support me in the purpose he gave me.  Thank you for your prayers, guidance, and support as I continue on this path with my maker.early 

Agusto Alejandro

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