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New Prospective Missionary to Perú – Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño

From Irma: As many of my friends know, before the end of year if God permits, I will make a missionary trip to Peru, specifically to El Carmen where the LAMA Ministry mission is located which I will serve.  Important steps have been achieved this month since I got my passport!  I want to tell you that it is the first time that I have had a passport, so I am deeply grateful to my Lord. 

I’ve been preparing in different topics that could help us at the LAMA mission to share the Gospel.  The last Saturday in April I shared with my classmates of ISEL concerning the plan for the trip.   The past Sunday May 22, The Pastors Eli and Marco de Lazaro Cardenas invited me to share my missionary plans, in the morning in the Church Del Monte Sion in Playa Azul, where we were able to get some promise to raise monthly help, as soon as I get to El Carmen Peru. 

In the afternoon, I was given the opportunity to preach, at Pastors Eli and Marco’s congregation for 40 minutes.  The Lord also allowed there to raise a promise to help monthly.  I give thanks to God for the lives of Pastors Marco and Eli for supporting me in all these.   Then, we went to a small church in Santa Fe, where the women, in their social economic situation promise to help monthly also.               


I must also tell you that there were some problems that only God in his infinite power was able to resolve.  15 days before the appointment at the Exterior Relation Department, I misplaced my electoral credential, but I was able to find it two days later, with God’s help.  Also, on the day of the appointment, my CURP did not have the same data as my birth certificate.  I went to the civil registrar, even though there was no possibility that it could be resolved on the same day, again, God intervened and the problem was resolved in 15 minutes. Prayer points:

  • That I be filled with wisdom to share the WORD according to His purpose.
  • That doors continue to be opened in the congregations, to share the mission purpose God has for my life.
  • For economic provisions for my travels and staying in Peru. 

If God puts it in your heart to be part of this Project, contact me at my email,, or call me at (Mexico) 443-442-5108,

Thanks, God bless you: IRMA ROSA REYES TISCAREÑO

LAMA Ministry footnote – Irma has been in dialogue with us for many months and is extremely excited about doing great work at the Mission.  She comes full of energy and is bilingual and ready to jump into many different projects.  The “ESL-English Second Language” classes can definitely use a full time instructor that is there for the duration.

There are so many people of upper years as well as womans ministries that Irma can initiate as well as work together with Yareni on.  Irma and Yareni are friends who attended the same missionary school training in Mexico, so there is fellowship as well.  We have had such goodwill generated from the Sanchez family work of only 8 months that Irma’s timing is excellent to come in and build on it.  Irma has achieved as of this date a little less than half of what she needs for monthly support when she is in the field.  She is continuing to work on it, and has two separate churches that are helping her.

 At this rate, it is not anticipated that she will have the support she needs till the end of the year, where she would love to target getting down there about September instead if she can raise the necessary support.

If you can come along side of Irma and commit to be part of her support, please make contact directly as she states above, or use the donate button below, entering “IRMA” in the Note block.   “It takes a village”.  We would love to be able to have Irma come down by September, rather than wait till January, if she can get the needed support for her living expenses.  

The world of missions and missionaries are predominantly far more than just those that are sent to the field.  They are to a greater extend those that commit to the sending.  They cannot do it without you.   Please consider giving your support to Irma who in her retirement years, and all the energy she has, wants to dedicate herself to doing God’s work.  Let’s help her accomplish this goal.  

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