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Denise Santos & Sleiter Flores family

Denise & Esleiter Family

In 2020, just before Covid hit, Esleiter Flores represented a local service company which we responded to a facebook marketplace ad.  We made an inquiry service offerings on intercom systems.  We had two bids and we decided on the smaller company, his.  (He just told us to call him “Snyder” and we did.   Also Sleyter, Slieter” ).  

After the intercom system, and the big changes covid brought in, and after a specific donation came in, we contracted for him to also add our first camera system for security. We were not getting a lot of visitors in this ‘year of covid, and even our regular ministries were curtailed a bit from all the regulation.  So we went into more construction mode.   

“Snyder” was very busy with many projects we were using him on, as well as his own local work.  But he was also very interested in us as a mission, attending many prayer sessions, bible studies, being receptive to our praying over him and his distant family.

2020 -working at la Mision, Ica, Peru
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2021 family reunited at JuCUM Ica
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2021 reunion, school, baptism & Ecuador

In early 2021 we were planning for June 2021 Discipleship School (DTS), our second at our location.  He was adamant that he knew his wife would be very desirous of attending.  


Snyder has been working with us for a year now on assorted projects (cameras, intercom, metal work, painting, etc) and it was our close relationship with him that had him know this school was what his wife wanted.  He then had his discussion with her to have her enroll, as she is a very spiritual person.  


He went 1600 kilometers north late May 2021 to retrieve his family.  He brought Denise as well as their two beautiful children (Kalesi & Said, ages 5 & 3).  We started the class a day late for them to make it, and they arrived about midnite.  We will never forget meeting this beautiful family at that hour.  So we figured out how to do a family plan.  


We are so glad we have reunited the entire family.  Further, during the DTS, Denise felt God’s presense many times. It was our first dual baptism.  Second, as their marriage like many in Peru was more common-law, she adamantly wanted it to be a full Christian marriage.  It took us a while for all the needed steps, but in 2022, we had a beautiful mission wedding.  


2022 – Wedding, Base Staff, Colombia

In Denise, we have a very dedicated loving mother, wife, sister.  She has rapidly grown spiritually with life at the Ica mission.  Our Outreach took her and her 2 children to Ecuador, her first time out of Peru.   The children loved doing outreach with their mom and the other students and staff.  


In 2022, we were able to have a beutiful christian marriage for this family, no longer common-law, with relatives joining us from the north.   Later that same year, supporters funded her taking a trip to Cali, Colombia representing our base for a YWAM congress meeting.  Now she has been to two additional countries.  She has taking on lead positions at the mission in hospitality, worship leadership, childrens ministry and more.  


She has gradually become our ‘base lead”, helping with all events, projects, plans that the mission or YWAM Ica undertake.  We are elated that she AND Esleiter have become such a great family of God and joining us in our efforts to reach out to other families.  Her family testimony is very well received.  


Esleiter & Denise are key leaders at our mission.  The family unit is God’s creation and we love all that they bring and share with the mission.  

Denise Santos, mother, wife, sister

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