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Missionary Trip

Mission visit? Come on down! We got you covered!

Join us in Peru, on a missions trip.  From Lima, to Ica, and back again, we have a great package. 

Visit Peru on a Mission Trip.  Since we are “mission minded” we created this “package” with the intent of minimizing cost and maximizing value.  You just have to provide the International airfare in and out of Peru, and we can assist you finding the best deal there as well.   It’s only a 6 hour non-stop flight from Miami, 7 from Dallas or 8 from Los Angeles. 

We will meet you at the airport in Lima, get you to our dedicated Hostel in Miraflores.  Miraflores is a preferred area by tourist due to it’s easy proximity to the coast, plentiful shopping and more.  Here is a short video of Larcomar shopping and restaurant mall on the cliffs of Miraflores, not too far of walk from the residence we maintain there.

From a night or two in Lima area, we will then taxied and then by executive bus down to Ica and to the mission in El Carmen.  After your wonderful fulfilling time at the missionn, we will then get you back to Lima for one more night and your flight home.  

Our package will cover all cost for transportation, lodging and food for Lima, and Ica and back again. We can do this (on a per person cost basis) of $350 for one week, adding just $20/day for additional days you would stay at the mission.  (We are assuming a group trip, of a minimum of 4 people in this quote.   A smaller group would need some tweeking.)   Any side trips are of course extra to these costs, and we can consult with you on places to visit, on such a trip.   

Our interest is getting you to and from our mission in El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru, and making that journey as safe, least expensive and easy as possible.   (Contact us and ask all the questions you would like). 

Airline & Travel links to Peru from USAOther airlines that fly to Peru:

LAN Airlines
American Airlines (note, flies through Texas or Miami to Lima)  
AeroMexico flies to Lima from LAX or Tijuana with 1 or 2 stops in Mexico

Additional airlines that fly between LAX and Lima Peru include
Spirit & US Air (via Florida connections);
Aeromexico (Mexico City connectioins)
United (via TX connection);
COPA (via San Salvador; from Tijuana or LAX);
Avianca TACA (via Panama City; from LAX or Tijuana)

More information specific to flying into Lima’s International Airport from your
particular location and airline, can be found at this link.


Iberia Airlines
Japan Airlines
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Continental Airlines
US Airways
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