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2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 2)

Week 2 –Monday, September 9 – Our contractor sent someone over to apologize for his not getting back to us, more delays on other jobs.  Lunch and then off to Ica for […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 1)

Monday, September 2 – We departed Los Angeles at about 2pm.  We encountered a bit of hassle with the airline on our ‘excess luggage’ issue, since  carryon weight was a bit more […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 4)

Stayed late at Pastor Martin’s since Lily had to do some translation for Pastor Goldine for a radio spot advertising 3 days of healing next weekend at El Shaddai’s branch […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 3)

Week 3 – Monday, Sept 16 –  Work gets underway!  The plaster work gets rolling with a team of 4, finishing up the downstairs ceilings on two rooms.  Tomorrow they […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 8)

Monday, Oct 21: Our last week, and it’s a short one here at the Mission.  I keep getting my Raymundo’s, Raymonsito’s and Reynaldo’s mixed up, but that’s another story.  Crew showed […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 6)

Monday, Oct 7:  Abel arrived and looks like today is the big day of wrapping things up.  There is one last place on the stairs for tarrajeo work, have to […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 5)

Monday, Sept 30: So begins the 2nd half of our visit down here, week 5 of 8.  So much yet to do.  Had a visit from a stone engraver for purposes […]

2013 Sept/Oct Mission trip (week 7)

Monday, Oct 14: Today was a pretty full day.  Abel spent most of the day preparing the site for tomorrow’s pour in the main room.  We had to finish the tubing […]

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