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May 14, 2018

To: L .A. M. A. ministry & supporters

Appreciated Brothers and Sisters, it is with great joy that we celebrate our arrival to Peru, after a trip of many hours, we arrived safely.
We thank everybody, who supports us with their prayers and good wishes, to those that sent us kind messages. To those that God put in our path to supply our needs.

Receive our acknowledgement and great affect to those that supported us financially.

After resting a few days, our heart reminds us of what we have left behind: our family, brothers, friends; people whom we love and miss, people whom we have wished to bring with us. Those special people, whom always be in our hearts, whom we have the most special memories, for whom we pray and wait in God to embrace them again.

In the morning, after we finish our prayers, we became aware of our mission and the call of God to serve His Church in Peru, and we started walking in Barriga Family at Peru Mission direction. We recognize that we have come to build a church in Christ, to preach the gospel, to disciple the new believers, to equip new ministries to proclaim the good news of salvation far from our territory, to fulfill the great commission.

Today, we understand, what we have lived in our country, Venezuela, God has used it for this moment and He has given us confidence to keep going, we trust His provision and in one form or another God will provide our needs.

And we are not making reference to our need as a family, but also as a church. The best proof of that is YOU.

  • Whom by some reason or another was moved to read this letter to the end.
  • You that for some reason has mentioned us in your daily prayer.
  • You that for some reason has taken the time, your resources to share it with our missionary work
  • You are proof that God lives, that He is faithful on His promises and that miracles exist.

You are invited to participate in our ministry with prayer, offerings or your service.

And if you desire to visit us or receive more information about our work, we will gladly give it to you.


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