Dental Ministry 2019-2020


Clinic visit by La Mision missionary Sosimo with the Dunn familyIn 2019, after much discussion with the local clinic, and with leadership from Monica Dunn, RDH (from Illinois, USA), we had a very successful dental hygiene week with the local villagers.  Monica came to us earlier in the year as an experienced clinic manager, many years in clinic Human Resource management, as well as licensing in Dental Hygiene.  With a lot of prior communication and meeting between the mission and the local clinic we set up an excellent visit for Monica and her team.  Using the local clinic for 2 days, and two different schools each for 2 days, Monica with two assistants and a translator as well as the local clinic hygienist, succeeded in cleaning 150 mouths, many that have never had a cleaning.  This program was very successful for many reasons: 

  • The leadership of Monica Dunn, who came with assistants, and a good amount of supplies.  Their desire to work hard and give many days of their time in Peru for the betterment of the health of local villagers who are poor rural farm workers. 
  • The proximity and excellent working relationship of the local clinic, only 1 kilometer walk from La Misión
  • Strong communication and enthusiasm from the local schools in union with the clinic and faith placed in their knowledge and relationship with La MisiónMonica Dunn hard at work on her 6th day of cleaningsdental chair upholstered after our team departed with request to send picture ... 'come back'!!
  • The appreciation and visibility of the success of this program brought out the health leadership from the city of Ica, who the local clinic reports to, which will lead to our expanding this program in the future to additional nearby clinics. 

Dr. Sidra Iqbal, DDS, MHA at workOnly a few weeks after Monica and her team returned to the USA, the local clinic got their dental chair reupholstered and encouraged me to send a picture of it to Monica.  They definitely want a repeat of this visit. 

 Currently scheduling visit for 2020
(Target dates: June 15-28 Hygienists, June24-July 4 Dentists). 

We are opening enrollment to dentists , hygienists and students for our next trip to expand the care that is given.  Separately, a Dr. Sidra Iqbal, DDS, MHA, from Texas, USA, has expressed interest in working with our mission to expand the dentist participation at the mission and local clinics as well.    Sidra is planning to bring other team members from other parts of the USA.  We are also in discussion with a Dental Surgeon in California who has expressed an interest.  

At present we have the wonderful problem of planning with our local clinic, and Ica Clinic leadership, to be prepared for this great visit in June of 2020.  We have many questions that we are working through. 

  • dental office in a suitcaseAdditional equipment needs.  Monica Dunn is in touch with sources to bring down portable dental equipment to supplement what the local clinics can offer. 

  • Each portable "dental office" costs up to $7,000.   The biggest challenge is finding or raising funds to acquire hopefully at least 2 of these units,   Donations are highly needed. Sidra is pursuing other channels as well.  (We might rent a few for the first use next year, but this requires returning them to the USA after use, so is not a permanent solution for our plans for a permanent ministry.) 

  • We are hoping to maintain this equipment at the mission to be available for all future dental visits to supplement the clinics.   

  • Additional equipment and supplies needed would also include a few portable dental chairs, fillings, and other supplies that we hopefully can also acquire and bring with us.  

  • We are not short of space to do this sort of work (with clinics, schools, and mission) but getting the needed equipment is our current challenge.  Until we can do this we will be restricted to working with the resources available at the clinics.

  • For dental surgery, if that is your expertise, we are in communication with the Ica medical and dental management to inventory what they have available to accomodate and what we might need to bring. 

  • Monica is pursueing grants that may be available to help with purchasing what we need.   

  • Donations made to this website for this purpose would definitely assist and be fully tax deductable.   We would like to purchase needed equipment for this continual ministry.  We hope these trips might go a long way toward providing funding.   All donations to this cause are fully tax deductable as LAMA is a 501c3 charity. 

Dental Trip Cost Estimate

  $1400   Base cost for 10 days
  $250   Supply cost per Hygienist
  $500   Supply cost per Dentist
  $1400-$1900   Total cost 
  ----------   --------------------
  does not include:  
  • airfare to/from Peru or
  • any additional side trips. 
  ----------   --------------------

does include:

  • all ground transport from Lima to Ica to Mission and return
  • all meals
  • lodging at mission (hot showers, coffee, internet) comfortable dormitory like environment, a few private bedrooms available. 
  • one-day excursion tour of Ica area (HuacaChina, vineyard/winery, etc) transportation included. 

If you are interested in joining this trip, Would like to set up or join a similar trip on a different date, would like to setup or attend a similar medical focus trip, or anything related, please drop us an email

  • Cost are aimed to be kept at a minimum with missionary housing and meals. 
  • If you can help us financially in funding this trip and our needed equipment, please let us know as we bless these villagers. 
  • If you can provide useful supplies for this or future trips, also please contact us and our representatives who are working this ministry will be in touch with you. 
  • Getting supplies down here is always a challenge.  Please help us by using some of your available checked luggage allotment on your airline.  Advance communication with us so we can possibly route supplies in your direction prior to your flight
  • It is important to book early to communicate your credentials to the clinics in Peru.
  • If you would like to arrange a similar visit at another time of year and consider leading it, that too can be arranged, especially as we look to supply the mission as a center.   

If you are new to our ministry, please click here to know more about where and why we are where we are.  Our 5 villages have less than 10,000 people and have two working medical/dental clinics that we will partner with, expanding to the 2nd (& perhaps even 3rd) most likely on this 2020 visit.  We are also, as mentioned, able to expand further to many other clinics surrounding the city of Ica, if the resources present themselves as we have a wonderful and enthusiastic receptive dental community here that is quite receptive to the help offered.    Please pray for our ministry and those that may come to help.  'The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few"!!