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2016 Feb/Mar ? Peru Mission Trip

Our first mission trip of 2016, with another planned for the month of August thereabouts.  This trip is primarily evangelical, with some hopes on completing the roof on the 3rd floor.  We will also be looking into some projects in the village that we initated discussion on, and to further the relationship building that our resident missionaries, Julio and Yareni have been very instrumental on initiating.  We seek to back them up wherever possible and help them to be successful.  

Here’s a short summary video we put together of this trip.  Please consider joining us on an upcoming trip.  Two more planned for this year but any time of year is possible, and planning ahead for next year we would love to hear from you.  Much to do, and we would love to talk to your church, group or charity about our Mission as a destination and a place to support.  

Blog of trip follows below (planned four segments):

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