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2016 (Aug-Oct) 2nd Mission Trip? Heart&Hand, Huacachina, OANSA & more!

This is our travel blog for the second extended 2016 Missionary trip to Peru by LAMA Ministry.  

Our main purpose of this trip is to continue to work with the village and their needs but we are also making this trip with a large group from San Diego to teach knitting and crocheting skills to the villagers, with the hope of passing on a marketable skill.  We have great expectations from this trip and are excited to be sharing it with many others.  Please enjoy this blog ‘as’ it’s being written and afterwards. 

Hopefully it will give you a good ‘flavor’ for the mission, what we do here, how you might participate, support, visit, send others.   Every dollar support you give is matched. And, different than most other charities (where maybe a minority percentage of what you give actually is used for the purpose of the charity) here we make sure that every dollar of what you give gets to the bottom line, to the villagers, to the mission itself AND we also MATCH those dollars making your donation not just 100% effective, but 200%!  We do this via volunteers, board members, missionaries, and more .. no salaries, everyone pays their own way.  Help us help these people rebuild their community. 

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