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We like to thank our supporters, partners and Board Members for their time, efforts, support and contributions towards this ministry and especially towards our mission trip in March 2011. We especially like to thank everyone for their prayers.

  • Los Angeles Dental Association for donating hundreds of toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Pastor Olga with Gospel of the Kingdom International Ministries for providing hundreds of tracks and bibles, in addition to a generous contribution.
  • Pastor Young Joon Park and Pastor Young Sook Park for their generous contribution and clothing we took with us on March 2011.
  • Pastor Chinyere Ifeacho with Fruitful Vine International Ministry, Carson California, generous contribution.
  • Pastor Kathleen Peck with Flowing River Church in Clearwater, Florida, generous contribution.
  • Jesse Carmona, Whittier, California, generous contribution.
  • Annette Becerra for the Spanish coloring books.
  • Cassandra Marsee for the toys, stuffed animals, stickers, etc.
  • Pastor Robin Shelly with “Koinonia Ica Church” and Pastor Martin Laos “El Shaddai Church” in Ica Peru for their spiritual and moral support. We wish we could have spent more time with them; they are doing a great work for the Lord, amazing how the Lord works on earthly vessels.
AND many others that want to remain anonymous. Of course, we will not forget to thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy, for giving us a safety during our blessed and productive trip where we saw HIS hands at work. This was a pre-construction mission trip so we not only ministered to many people physically and spiritually with your gifts but we also met with our attorney, engineer, a judge and contractors. We can write a book on what a journey this has been, a journey only the Lord could have orchestrated. He has done so much in two years since this ministry was established. (Psalm 127:1) We did encounter some resistance from the enemy (Isaiah 54:17) (Rom. 8:37). These attacks from the enemy is proof that we are doing God’s will. Thank you again to all of you that made this March mission trip a success, without your support and prayers we couldn’t have accomplished it. May the Lord return to you 100 fold more here on earth and in the life to come. TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY.!!!!!!!!!!
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