13 May 2014

2014 August/Sept/October return to Mission in Peru

Weekly children's outreach ministry at the mission that has been going on since November 2013, hosted by El Shaddai Church of Ica Headed back to Peru for August / September timeframe. We have 2 joining us from the pastoral staff of the Branch Church of San Diego in early September. This is in anticipation of larger trips planned for next year, hopefully to include more youth. [We might in near future work in a surf beach visit in Lima with lodging ! ;-)] We would love to have all the more people attend. Please consider joining us!!!

03 Jul 2014

How can I help?

What can I do to help, participate, support this effort?
- Volunteer?
- contributions of resources?
- Church/Group participation?

- Financial support

- Non-financial support

- Volunteering

- Mission Trips

- Services Groups (Doctors, Dentists, Optometrist, etc.)

11 Dec 2013

Where? Why? Who? What?

Since many people are not familiar with Peru and perhaps what took us there, and what we are doing exactly and where in Peru it is, I put this little backgrounder together.
Where? - El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru
Why? - To reach out and service low income earthquake damaged villages in Peru
Who? - Latin Amereican Missions Association - actually we sound bigger than we are, as this is our primary goal at the moment.
What? - build a Mission

Please click on this article to hopefully answer any and all questions you may have on our efforts, goals, what we have done, why, where we are doing it, etc.
Would welcome any and all corrections or suggested additions to this writeup to make it even better. Fascinating area of the globe, definite need and cause for support to this area, and we are definitely committed and in the "middle of it" and welcome any and all assist. As they say "It takes a village!"

09 Dec 2013

Web Site enhancements

Two? No THREE major enhancements to the website. Can you guess what they are?

30 Nov 2013

Amazon shoppers? Please use this link!!

With the spirit of the holidays, and the cyber world we live in, many of us do a lot of shopping online. If you frequent Amazon (like I do) please consider using this link instead.



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