30 Jun 2015

2015 Mar/Apr/May Trip Video

Short video from latest trip where we almost completed the construction, and continued our ministry outreach onsite at the same time.

;Looking forward to a great return trip in August!  Would love to have you come along.  Will be down there from August to early November, and will hopefully have full time missionaries staying behind, after our departure, so year round visitation is possible!  

Thank you for your support!!!

23 Jun 2015

2015 June 20 & July 4 - AWANA Youth

[Click for full photo album.]

AWANA youth continue to meet weekly, growing in numbers. Having now received color coordinated shirts by age group, and having multiple age groups, and multiple teachers, the activities spread out in the enlarged Mission building, moving upstairs for the fist time as well as down.  

12 Jun 2015

2015 June 10 - Mission Progress

2015 June 10 - Progress photos of painting going on at Mission property. Thank you Victor for your painting efforts, and Carlos Quispe for the photographs, and especially all our contributors and supporters for making this possible..
08 Jun 2015

May 30 - AWANA Mission youth video's and photos

May 30 2015 -

  1. 1st video - Wishing Missionary co-founder William a Happy Birthday via a facebook posted video.  
  2. 2nd video showing mission AWANA Youth enjoying friendly game of water balloon toss.  
  3. 9 pictures also included.
14 Mar 2015

2015 - March/April/May Mission Trip - part 1 of 4

March 11, Wednesday - Having left California and traveled all day Tuesday (5 hour layover in Dallas) we arrived after midnight Wednesday morning but didn't get to sleep until 4am. With many construction plans at the mission as our primary goal, we also need to do some finalization on our Lima property which we are putting forth for a hostel stop over for visiting missionary small groups. We need to finish some plans around bed acquisitions, new window installations and refrigerator. It is currently ready to sleep 6 but we hope to push that up to 10 on the outside. Sleeping in a bit on Wednesday, with a late 1pm breakfast, after getting some minor groceries accross the street. We then went to buy a new refrigerator.


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