01 Oct 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission Trip - part 3 of 4

1 Oct, Thursday - Today was 'catch up on the blog' day for me. Also Abel came by mainly to get most of his tools that he had here, now that he is pretty complete after 3 years on this job. I had one major glitch with electric on the third floor that we could not find where the tubes were going. He helped me with that so I think that problem is behind me. We have some busted up tarrejeo (stucco) work on a column in the front in our search for an electrical box. He says he will fix that when we next get him over for some tarrajeo, which we will be doing I am sure in the near future ... not a major repair that can't wait till another day.

Working with Abel has been a great experience. For such a young man (still in his 20's) he certainly has all the makings of the best general contractor I have ever worked with in the States. We will continue to tap his skills going forward AND will certainly have his name on the list for the new Missionaries for any emergencies they may run into.

25 Sep 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission Trip - part 2 of 4

1 Sept Tuesday - Large purchase at Maestro on 100 square meters of tile, tile cement, a dozen doors & door frames, plumbing fixtures, 7 toilets, 7 sinks and 5 electric showers.  We got it all delivered and unloaded with Victor and William doing the work.  Lily says when she was buying all this material, the aisle worker at Maestro asked her 'what are you building, a castle?'  ;-)  

Abel did not show up till later in day and he and his helper "Chato" (nickname means 'shorty' in Spanish) moved most of the materials to the 2nd and 3rd floors. William continued doing electrical work, while Victor resumed painting. Cost for this material ran S/. 9,500 (approximately $2,800). 

2 Sept Wednesday - Bathroom tile placements actually got underway with a lot accomplished by Abel and Chato.  William continued to work on the electrical, installing outlets and switches. Victor continued on painting of door and window frames.   Lily returned to Maestro to get 35 more electrical plugs, more electric wires, many light fixtures, a circular saw for door installation work.  This purchase was about S./2,500 ($760).  

3 Sept. Thursday -  Work fully underway on three fronts (Tile, Paint and Electrical) 

19 Sep 2015

2015 -- Construction coming to a close ..

Finally!!!   After a month working here on this second trip of 2015, and after 3 years leading up to this point, our construction is pretty much behind us on this trip.

We started this vision after the 2007 major earthquake that devastated this area, and our own retirement in 2009.  With multiple trips centered around what to do with a donated piece of property in the center of this village, we did many outreaches, met with lawyers and engineers and worked up a plan.  

We demolished the severly earthquake damaged 100+ year old building that was on the property in early 2012 and ended up with dilemma of how to deal with a wall on the property line that was huge, heavy and severly earthquake damaged that no contractor wanted to dig a footer for our building. God intervened and brought us a 50% expansion of our prior narrow property and the wall was ours to take down!!

26 Aug 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission trip - part 1 of 4

Our main goals for this trip are:
1) complete the construction.  Although the building is pretty much done, we still have to do a lot ....
2) Acquire some furniture
3) Build on the local Relationships
4) Receive Missionary family
5) Help Missionary family be fully accepted by community

With that as the goals of this trip, on with the blog ...

30 Jun 2015

2015 Mar/Apr/May Trip Video

Short video from latest trip where we almost completed the construction, and continued our ministry outreach onsite at the same time.

;Looking forward to a great return trip in August!  Would love to have you come along.  Will be down there from August to early November, and will hopefully have full time missionaries staying behind, after our departure, so year round visitation is possible!  

Thank you for your support!!!


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