10 Nov 2015

Panoramic view of El Carmen, SJB, Ica, Peru

2015 November - Panoramic video of the village of El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru

09 Nov 2015

Mission OANSA children perform dance number in Ica Peru

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  [Matthew 19:14]

Final Performance of OANSA members dance routine was this Sunday, November 8, at El Shaddai Christiana Comunidad in Ica, Peru.  After many weeks of practice and extensive interaction of correography efforts of Vincent Costagnola and a great crew from El Shaddai Comunidad of Ica, the El Carmen OANSA dance stage number is finally delivered to Pastor Martin Laos's pleasure. God bless the children of the world.

For more on our mission efforts in north San Juan Bautista district of Ica, Peru, visit us on Facebook or here on our website.

31 Oct 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission Trip - part 5 of 5 (November)

1 November, Sunday - Headed off to Ica today for church services, hopefully to also catch Pastor Martin.  When we got there, we discovered he was off to Brazil and he had the pastor from El Shaddai Nazca doing the service ... He was very good though!   And as usual the worship music was excellent.  Pastor Martin will be back Wednesday.  We will go again to El Shaddai next weekend when Pastor James, Hank Sybrandy and Tanto Hussain are visiting the mission.

15 Oct 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission Trip - part 4 of 5 (October late)

16 October, Friday - Well, we had a light work day today, doing some odd jobs here or there or "projecto's" as Julio calls them every morning.   while I was attempting to figure out one of two wiring puzzles I still have for exterior lighting, Julio wanted something to do.  So I thought of this small task on the roof putting some cover plates on some power boxes that we need to protect until we use them.   I was going to get him the ladder but he said 'no problemo' and up on the rail he went.  Keep in mind that's 3 floors up! 

Later in day, I had him install another light on the first floor (thats four for him now).   I try not to stand on the top step of the ladder but no problem for Julio!  The man's a daredevil, but also likes to get some things donen... I have a "projecto" just keeping him in "projecto's!!" ;-)   God bless his strong work ethic and desire to pitch in at the mission.

01 Oct 2015

2015 Aug-Nov Mission Trip - part 3 of 5 (October early)

1 Oct, Thursday -  Today was 'catch up on the blog' day for me.  Also Abel came by mainly to get most of his tools that he had here, now that he is pretty complete after 3 years on this job.  I had one major glitch with electric on the third floor that we could not find where the tubes were going.  He helped me with that so I think that problem is behind me.  We have some busted up tarrejeo (stucco) work on a column in the front in our search for an electrical box.  He says he will fix that when we next get him over for some tarrajeo, which we will be doing I am sure in the near future ... not a major repair that can't wait till another day.  

Working with Abel has been a great experience.  For such a young man (still in his 20's) he certainly has all the makings of the best general contractor I have ever worked with in the States.  We will continue to tap his skills going forward AND will certainly have his name on the list for the new Missionaries for any emergencies they may run into. 


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