01 Mar 2014

2014 Feb/Mar/Apr - Mission return

Weekly children's outreach ministry at the mission that has been going on since November 2013, hosted by El Shaddai Church of IcaLily Silverthorn returned to Peru to continue work at the mission on February 8. I am following her having arrived March 6 just after midnight (leaving March 5) in Peru. The following is a recap of Lily's first month down here (recaptured mainly from looking over her expenses and having her recall the day to day events while she was here). Hopefully after completing this mostly February recap, the March chronology will be a little more real-time and less based on an accounting re-telling .... ! ;-) Anyway, Lily has been one busy founder and had not had any time for blogging ... but a lot of time to get a lot done.

28 Oct 2013

2013 October - Donor Brick Update & Thank You List

We want to acknowledge our early givers and update you on the status of the donor commemoration wall. We just came back from the mission, and we did accomplish building the donor wall in the front courtyard (photo). We fully intended to have the engraving done for our very appreciated early donors, however our engraver turned out to have let us down at the last moment. It is now our intent to get this done 'first thing' on our next trip in February.

11 Dec 2013

Where? Why? Who? What?

Since many people are not familiar with Peru and perhaps what took us there, and what we are doing exactly and where in Peru it is, I put this little backgrounder together. Would welcome any and all corrections or suggested additions to make it even better. Fascinating area of the globe, definite need and cause for support to this area, and we are definitely committed and in the middle of it and welcome any and all assist.

09 Dec 2013

Web Site enhancements

Two major enhancements to the website. Can you guess what they are?

30 Nov 2013

Amazon shoppers? Please use this link!!

With the spirit of the holidays, and the cyber world we live in, many of us do a lot of shopping online. If you frequent Amazon (like I do) please consider using this link instead.



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