30 Apr 2015

2015 - March/April/May Mission Trip - part 4 (May)

Front of mission gets new cross, rafters and paint primerFriday, May 1 - 4th and last blog for this first 2015 trip to the mission. A lot was accomplished making more of the mission useable. We look forward to wrapping up this trip and then returning in August to focus more on the operational needs. So much was accomplished on this trip:
  1. Complete parapet and column construction on 3rd floor
  2. added more brick under the 2nd floor staircase, 
  3. Tarrajeo of both the 2nd & 3rd floors, walls and ceiling; 
  4. added another staircase externally from 1st floor; 
  5. painting initiated (sanding, priming and finished coat to be applied);
  6. wiring of both (220v) electrical & low voltage (TV, Internet, intercom and camera);
  7. windows on 2nd & 3rd floors, and one new door on 2nd,
  8. construction of water tower on roof;
  9. building of a complete water system with (12 cubic meter) cistern, pump and 2.2 meters of water on roof;
  10. pouring of concrete corridor and courtyard,
  11. cleaning of brick and columns, and clearing of all debris

more and more ... this place is ready!!!  

31 Mar 2015

2015 - March/April/May Mission Trip - part 2

Wednesday, April 1 - Starting part two of the blog for this trip to Peru Mission. We hope to make a lot of progress with the construction completion, making more of the mission property useable for mission work. At the same time we are introducing English classes, working with the children and adults on the weekly teaching and study meetings, and also meeting with our partners and others with the hope of expanding the utility of a more capable property. This part of the blog starts with April. Links to all parts of the blog are contained within. [Click here for photo gallery only]

14 Mar 2015

2015 - March/April/May Mission Trip - part 1

March 11, Wednesday - Having left California and traveled all day Tuesday (5 hour layover in Dallas) we arrived after midnight Wednesday morning but didn't get to sleep until 4am. With many construction plans at the mission as our primary goal, we also need to do some finalization on our Lima property which we are putting forth for a hostel stop over for visiting missionary small groups. We need to finish some plans around bed acquisitions, new window installations and refrigerator. It is currently ready to sleep 6 but we hope to push that up to 10 on the outside. Sleeping in a bit on Wednesday, with a late 1pm breakfast, after getting some minor groceries accross the street. We then went to buy a new refrigerator.

18 Dec 2014

Mission visit? Come on down! We got you covered!

LAMA Miraflores - BunkroomWe have a 'meet you at the airport' package plan designed to get you when you land in Lima, lodging while in Lima for a night or two and to the Mission in Ica and back to Lima and then the airport, all for $350 or $500 per person (one or two week) plan, assuming minimum of 4 people. Come on down, the Mission needs you, see Peru, add on a side trip, consult with us. We love Peru and are very interested in making it easy for Missionaries to get to the Mission in Ica. That is our goal. To make that journey as safe, least expensive and easy as possible.


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