17 Mar 2016

2016 Mar 11 - Bilingual Gospel singing

 El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru - LAMA Mission - English class students sing bilingual Gospel song

17 Mar 2016

Hearts & Hands Mission Trip - August 2016

Hearts & Hands handiwork
In August, the Hearts & Hands knitting ministry from Branch Church of San Diego, will be going down to our Peru Mission. They are planning a10 day trip, which should give them about 7 days at the mission to supply, equip and train local residents on knitting and crocheting skills that hopefully they will find marketable and able to provide additional income for their needs. They also will be sharing God's love with the residents.
14 Mar 2016

2016 Feb/Mar - Peru Mission trip (4 of 4)

13 March, Sunday - ... After church service at El Shaddai, we did some obligatory shopping at Maestro, needed a few plumbing pieces and some batteries.  I really want to find a volleyball net for the mission to own and use, but that would be a store downtown ... Looks like that will be another day since our 'just a few items' turned into buying some kitchenette cabinets for the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Called Leche to meet us at Maestro to take the 'load' back.  Got back well before our adult services began at the Mission.  

When we got back to the Mission, the town was absolutely empty .. unusually so.  Lache told us that everyone went to a football game in Ica.  Well, bad timing I thought for moving our service from Saturday to Sunday OR before I knew it was a ball game, I figured it was just quiet since Jen went home to Ica and will only be back on weekends! ;-)  Anyway, we were hopeful for a good showing for our first Sunday service.  Ah yes, Julio had ordered a keyboard stand and a music lecturn through one of the music leaders at El Shaddai who had a contact in Lima.  It arrived today and they got to put them both to use, first time actually using the keyboard in service ... maybe it was just not looking appropriate on a plastic table until now! ;-)   We also definitely need a new amp since microphones, keyboard and guitar all going through one amp is an overload.   One more thing.  


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